Bump update – 18 weeks!

18 weeks pregnant. Almost half way! This pregnancy if flying by! Due date; February 17th 2019. How far along: 18 weeks. Baby is the size of: a sweet potato, a bell pepper, a croissant, a slingshot, a sugar glider... approximately 5 and a half inches. Total weight gain: I haven't weighed yet haha! Physically feeling? … Continue reading Bump update – 18 weeks!


Bump update; week 17

I've decided to take a different approach to my bump updates and have pinched a list of things to track each week off a blogger buddy of mine, Amy, who has been writing about her journey through IVF, becoming a Parent, and Pregnancy too. Pop over and check out her blog! Thank you Amy, for … Continue reading Bump update; week 17

Off to school with you!

Parents left, right, and centre are rejoicing at the fact that their kiddos are back in school today, or yesterday. Maybe some don't go back until tomorrow, those poor parents! For us though, today is our day. Now I wouldn't be lying if I said I wasn't ecstatic at the fact that the summer holidays … Continue reading Off to school with you!

A Life and bump update

I'm confused to what day of the week it is! We've had a bank holiday here, which always throws people off, but I've also had a bit more time off work than what I expected. The reason for this is childcare. I've written about my childcare woes and feelings about the summer holidays not long … Continue reading A Life and bump update

15 week bump update!

I genuinely didn't think I would make it this far into this pregnancy. I think the fear of miscarriage when you've suffered a miscarriage before is natural. It cannot be helped. I would say it's normal to worry after suffering a loss and even more so to experience doubt and uncertainty during the following pregnancy. … Continue reading 15 week bump update!