little laptop

I've got a new laptop....I've got a new laptop.... I sang that in my head. like a child doing the NURR NURR voice...because I'm not 29, not really! I am. I lied. a new laptop for me this Christmas just puts some extra sprinkles on top of an already overflowing sundae of Christmas delight. I … Continue reading little laptop

30 weeks pregnant

Time really is flying by this pregnancy. Our baby boy will be born before we know it. It's almost sad that it's going so quickly, and it's a funny thing to process because when I look in the mirror I love seeing my bump and how my body is accommodating a whole new life BUT … Continue reading 30 weeks pregnant

Goodbye second trimester

I'm 27 weeks pregnant now. It's gone so quickly. I've not been writing because I've been focusing on pretty much everything else that needs my time and attention. I thought though, that it's about time I started taking the time to write again. Although blogging on an iPhone isn't much fun! I think Mr Santa … Continue reading Goodbye second trimester

Bump update: 21 weeks

Due Date: February 17th 2019 How far along: 21 weeks 2 days Baby is the size of: A baseball cap apparently πŸ™ˆ Total weight gain: Currently unknown haha! Physically feeling? Again, not great. I’ve been fully diagnosed with SPD now and I’m off work on the sick because of it. The colder weather that we’re … Continue reading Bump update: 21 weeks

Team pink, or Team Blue?

We know the gender.Leading up to our 20 week scan, I was happy with the idea of both genders, and provided the ultrasound tech told me that the baby was healthy, I would have accepted whatever gender they told me. However, I did have a preference, and of course that was for a boy. I've … Continue reading Team pink, or Team Blue?