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Are you with us baby?

Something I’ve learnt since becoming a mum to a sleeping baby, is that many of us in this awful ‘club’ find something that represents our baby to us. This is often a small token, like a teddy, or a poem, a piece of jewellery, or an image of something. Similar to the sayings “Robins appear… Continue reading Are you with us baby?

mental health

Self care comes last.

As I've spoken about numerous times, I suffer with Depression and Anxiety. I struggle almost daily with the hardship that comes with both. I am medicated, which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before starting my tablets, I would suffer with daily panic attacks and struggle to function properly. Often… Continue reading Self care comes last.

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Rainbows Follow Storms

Hi, it's me, Faye, the blogger that avoids blogging. I haven't written in ages, or at least I haven't published anything in ages, because everything I write I doubt.When I start writing a post, I just remind myself that the last time I was here I was telling you our sad news. I wrote quite… Continue reading Rainbows Follow Storms

baby loss

Born a month ago.

Parker came into the world one month ago today. I feel exactly the same as I did a couple days ago; it really has gone so quickly. The hardest part about having a forever sleeping child is whether or not you call the day they were born, their birthday. By definition, the date they came… Continue reading Born a month ago.

baby loss

A month ago today.

I'm doing ok. I've busied myself today with organising and sorting out those cupboards in the house that I call the junk cupboards. Where they're like a Narnia, and everything gets chucked in them when you have a moment of "out of sight, out of mind." I've been collecting all of archers baby stuff and… Continue reading A month ago today.