Bump update : 20 weeks

Due date;

February 17th 2019.

How far along:

20 weeks and 4 days (better late than never hey?)

Baby is the size of:

A paper plane. Approximately 10 inches.

Total weight gain:

So far I’ve gained … I don’t know lol!

Physically feeling?

I’m ok. Like not bad, but not great. Some sort of mediocre, middle ground, getting by but could be better feeling. My SPD has worsened to the point where I’m experiencing a lot more pain overall. Things like getting up and down the stairs is painful. Wiping myself after using the toilet hurts. I’ve noticed my hips are playing up more and more too, just yesterday one of them “went” as I got up out of a chair and it took the best part of 10 minutes to sort itself out.

Sleeping is still uncomfortable and I’ve found that I’m starting to look more and more worn out. Big prominent bags under my eyes, pale washed out skin that’s spotty.

Meh. I’d be okay with the pain, but generally feeling horrible in all aspects is really disheartening.


I’m still suffering with my chest so I am finding that I’m still waking at night from having a coughing fit, which then means I need to toilet. So when it happens I find myself walking around to ease my chest, either getting water, going to the loo, cracking open the window for a big breath of fresh air! Grr…frustrating. Every night is broken sleep and I’d give my left arm for 6 hours!

Maternity Clothes:

Yep. I’ve given up trying to fit into most of my ‘pre-baby’ clothing now. I don’t have many maternity clothes so I’m relying heavily on any baggy knitteds that I have and stretchy skinny jeans. I’ve also been wearing my bargain knitted dress from lidl a lot more with some tights. It’s so much more comfortable to wear a dress that trousers these days! Which is weird, because I’m not a dress kind of person, but I am enjoying it and I do feel very nice wearing it.

Stretch Marks: only what I inherited from my pregnancy on willow so far!


• Headaches.

• Physical aches and pains.

• Sore boobs and itchy boobs.

• Tiredness/fatigue.

• Urinating frequently.

• Mood swings from time to time.

• Little bit of incontinence when I cough or sneeze.

• Dry, stuffy, blocked nose.

• spots! And more spots!

• Slight improvement of the constantly greasy hair.

• My nails are growing quicker.

• An increase in SPD symptoms.

Labor signs: none. And I better not have any for a long time yet!

Belly Button in or out?

Standing up, it’s less of a cave, with the middle poking out slightly. Laying down, it’s like a little mole hill on top of a mountain.

Rings on or off?

Still wearing them.


Randomly baby must have been in a position that meant I could feel movement the other night because i could feel everything. Kicks…aqua aerobics or whatever was going on down there?! It was so obvious it was keeping me awake. But I am thankful to have some feeling of movement now.

Food cravings:

I’m increasingly finding myself fancying malted milk biscuits. But I only like biscuits dipped. And I don’t like them dipped in coffee. But I don’t drink tea anymore. So I have been making myself the odd tea here and there just to have some malted milks dipped lol

Anything making you queasy?

Not particularly, but kaboodleDad has run out of his usual aftershave and has started using something else. On the whole I don’t find it offensive but when we were in the car the other day, it REALLY got up my nostrils and I stared feeling really sick because of it. Ew.

Mentally feeling?

I’m ok. Again, it’s a mediocre, middle ground feeling. I’m not bad, but I’m not great. I’d love to have a spring in my step and a big smile on my face all the time (who wouldn’t?!) but it’s not that way. I am worrying about money and finances now that I’m on sick pay. It’s such a massive dent to wages with a loss of about 60% of my weekly wage. Knowing the time of year and that we have a lot to prepare for, just makes me a bit worried. I’m still struggling with this chest infection too, which is causing me to have a LOT of incontinence when I cough and sneeze. It’s really frustrating because it’s making me feel dirty and I worry about becoming smelly even though I wash. I’ve been using sanitary towels to help, but that’s annoying too, because my skin is becoming irritated. All of this adds to the bad mentality.

I was worried about not feeling any movement, but I have a sense of relief from feeling baby now, so it’s not as bad as it was.

Any Medication taken?

Sertraline 50mg daily. Gaviscon occasionally when needed for indigestion.

Miss Anything?

A working, not painful, pelvis!

Gender Prediction:

Ahhhh we know what we’re having!!! Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days to find out!

Purchases for baby:

We bought some gender specific items when we found out the gender…they’re SO CUTE!

Purchases for me:


Best Moment(s) of the Week:

Attending our 20 week anomaly scan and seeing baby was fine. Also finding out baby’s gender!

Looking forward to:

I have an appointment with the perinatal mental health team this week. I’m looking forward to finding out more about helping myself with my mental health during pregnancy. I still haven’t received a date for any physio just yet so that is something that I’m still looking forward too, I’ve noticed a decline in my pelvis because of the SPD and i would reallllllllly like to have some relief from that! We also have parents evening for willow as well, I always enjoy going in to meet her teacher and find out how she’s coming along.


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