Team pink, or Team Blue?

We know the gender.

Leading up to our 20 week scan, I was happy with the idea of both genders, and provided the ultrasound tech told me that the baby was healthy, I would have accepted whatever gender they told me.
However, I did have a preference, and of course that was for a boy.
I’ve always wanted a son. In fact, years ago, I never even imagined myself having a daughter. I never really wanted a daughter. I suffered horrendously with gender disappointment when I was expecting willow and told we were having a girl. It was hard to accept that the dream of being a mum to a boy was over.
Ultimately though, I got over the gender disappointment after a couple of weeks and looked forward to the birth of my girl.
Honestly, these days, and since she was born, I am so incredibly happy to have had a girl and I’m SO glad that I did too.

This pregnancy though, despite being ok with having either gender, was still a chance to have the son I have always dreamed about. And even though the gender predictions were done in fun, there was such a large majority leaning towards having a boy, that it did cause me to hope even stronger than what I did before.

So, naturally for me, the morning of the scan was filled with nothing but anxiousness and an overhwleming feeling of sickness. Travelling to the hospital was horrible, I think all of my organs were in my throat, not just my heart. I kept thinking over and over how I would feel if they told me anything was wrong, and how I would feel if they said I was having a girl. In my head, i could imagine myself feeling happy with the baby being a girl, but it’s hard to anticipate exactly how you would feel until you’re in that very moment.

Fortunately, our scan was booked for very early in the morning so we were in and out by 9:20 in the morning.

The ultrasound tech went through all of the baby’s anatomy, checking for anomalies throughout.
I laid on the bed in silence just listening to her saying what she was looking at and watching the screen. Baby was in a very awkward position and moving around a lot so the poor lady would find what she wanted to look at and the baby would move again.
It was hard not to smile at that to be fair.
After seeing everything that needed to be seen, the tech said that baby looks as should, and she was happy with everything she had seen, saying everything looked normal, all the bits and bobs were placed where they should be, and she had no concerns.

Then she went on to have a little look for the gender.

Within a few seconds she had managed to find what she needed to see to be able to tell us a gender. She pointed it out to us, kaboodleDad and I shed some tears.

Baby was fine, we knew the gender. I felt like I could breathe again, although it really didn’t sink in and I just kept choking on tears as we walked back to the car. I genuinely couldn’t believe what we had been told, and felt such a massive whirlwind of emotions that I couldn’t really say much more than “I can’t believe it.”

The ultrasound technician took some lovely photos of baby…


It’s almost overwhelming seeing how much this little miracle has grown in the weeks since our 12 week scan.

So, are we Team Pink, or Team Blue?

We’re team…..


KaboodleDad and I are absolutely over the moon. Willow jumped for joy when we told her. We feel so lucky.

What an adventure we have ahead of us.

As always, thanks for reading!


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