little laptop

I’ve got a new laptop….I’ve got a new laptop….

I sang that in my head. like a child doing the NURR NURR voice…because I’m not 29, not really!

I am. I lied.

a new laptop for me this Christmas just puts some extra sprinkles on top of an already overflowing sundae of Christmas delight. I put my Christmas money towards it and paid the difference on a credit card. very adult.

It was a bit of a bargain to be fair. I mean it would have been lovely to wake up to a laptop on Christmas day, but id rather wait 48 hours and save myself some money buy getting one in the ‘January’ sale. Thanks Argos for knocking a couple of quid off this little lovely for me. ‘preciate it.

its one of these ones that’s small, so referring to it as a laptop might not be the correct term, but then I was never one for tech lingo, or understanding for that matter. It’s compact, lightweight, has Netflix and keys that click really satisfyingly. I’m very pleased. Honestly though, I cant fault it, ive been having a faff around with it for about an hour and I’m pleased that it doesn’t come with a bunch of crap that the bigger laptops do. It’s responsive and quick, it looks nice and had a fair few good reviews.

I know it will suit me for what I want it for, blogging, for a start, as we all know how much I despise writing posts on my phone and my old laptop is so full of junk (and Kaboodledads game) that its slower than a sloth on a hot day. The other thing I wanted it for is to edit photos, random, but legit something I love so having something I can actually do that with is just lovely.

I don’t want to get into a full blown update because essentially I’m only writing this one up as a trial run to give it a go for blogging.

I will however say, that we have had such a lovely Christmas as a little trio. We spent the majority of Christmas Day just chilling in the house surrounded by copious amounts of wrapping paper and LOL doll fodder, fighting off sleep after being caught in the act of putting the stocking back in the kids room at 3.50am. No escape, ‘he’ had been. Little Miss Kaboodle was as wide eyed as an owl while we fibbed and said we thought we heard a burglar in the house and when we checked we saw her stocking on the landing and red glitter foot prints right next to it. parenting fail, or win? you decide!

boxing day we checked out some shops, and then got out the never ending supply of cheeses, crackers, and other boxing day goodies, ate lots of food and chilled some more. Christmas was a job done.

I’m off now. I’m going to go and put my pj’s on and chill in the living room with some sort of craft stuff I got given for Christmas as have myself a nice crafty chilled out evening.

I hope all you lovely readers here have had a nice Christmas too!

as always, thanks for reading! We’ll catch up properly soon!

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